1) How can I be a member of ISER?
- Download the Member Application form, send the form and resume to, your application will be processed in 3 working days.

2) How can I be a committee of ISER?
- Send your resume to, your application will be processed in 3 working days.

3) How can I organize a conference in association with ISER?
- Prospective conference organizer should contact ISER to receive the approval for conference.
- If conference proposal is approved by ISER, the conference organizer should provide the title, topics, program committee members of the conference.
- conference organizer is exempt from the conference registration fees.

5) Where can I submit my paper to ISER conferences?
- Submission methods can be found at the conference official website.

6) What kind of technical equipment is provided at the conference?
- Laptop Computer
- LCD Data Projector
- USB Flash Drive - Memory
- CD/DVD-ROM Drive
- PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer
- PowerPoint Presentation/ Acrobat Reader Software

7) How can I get an official letter of invitation for the conference attendance?
- ISER Invitation letter is provided on request by registered authors or other registered participants.
- ISER Official letter of invitation will be provided as a soft copy via e-mail posting, and will make reasonable effort to help authors to get the VISA.
- Visa process generally takes a month, and the authors should take care of their own applications. ISER won't guarantee the potential authors can obtain the VISA, and won't refund the registration fee after the deadline.

8) When can I get the receipt of conference registration fees?
- The receipt for conference registration is issued at the conference registration desk.

9) What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?
- Each Technical Presentation is 10-15 Minutes including Discussions.

10) Is there a Poster Paper Presentation Session? 
- Yes, the Poster Papers are included in the Poster Presentation Sessions and Conference Proceedings

11) Should I stay at the conference hotel?
- No. You need not to stay at the conference hotel.
- For proper /or cheaper accommodation options, you are free to search hotel booking websites.

12) Do you arrange accommodation and traveling services for the conference participants?
- No, the conference participants should arrange their own accommodation and traveling services


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